Post Office Box 291, Alexandria, PA 16611

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Borough of Alexandria

“The Jem of the Juniata”

Alexandria Borough located in the Juniata Valley of Huntingdon County Pennsylvania provides a glimpse into the birth and growth of the United States of America through its history.  The earliest documents of the region reveal that it was a thoroughfare for travelers and an epicenter for business.  Here foreigners journeyed to trade with those people native to the area and discovered what this land had to offer them.  Many individuals found “freedom” here to live out the American Dream.  It is a small piece of the earth where LIBERTY and JUSTICE granted by the founding father’s of our state and then nation is still ALIVE! We invite you to explore our rich history that makes Alexandria Borough a beautiful JEM today.


The Heading

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Alexandria Borough

Post Office Box 291
Alexandria, Pennsylvania 16611

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